“The luxury safari industry is flooded with cookie-cutter offerings that are no different from booking an over-traded hotel. The true definition of a “safari” – an adventure or expedition that revolves around a personal experience – is being lost as a result.

In my life, global travel gave me a taste for luxury and quality. En route, I recognized a need for luxury services targeted at a discerning clientele in Africa, because no-one was offering that kind of service; the kind that I was looking for as a traveler.

I realized I was in a position to provide service and access other travel organizers couldn’t.

My family established Completely Unique Safaris to share our passion for the ultimate African safari with other travelers – people who are happy to pay for the very best and to be hosted, in turn, by individuals who are well-versed in Africa, travel, fine dining, wine pairing and VIP service as it should be. Not as it has become.

At Completely Unique safaris, we believe that a safari experience should be one of the ultimate journeys of your lifetime: authentic, exhilarating, personal and inspiring.

By being based in Africa, we are able to use our on-the-ground knowledge and relationships to create a safari itinerary that is personalized for you. Going deeper, we tailor your adventure to ensure complete privacy and exclusivity.

Unusually for the industry, we don’t do travel shows. Our clients and strategic partners come to us solely via referrals or word of mouth. And they become lifetime/ great friends.

We do all of the thinking so our travelers can do all of the relaxing, while striving to re-introduce enigma and emotion to wildlife travel and to re-set the benchmark of bespoke experiential safari vacationing. I am even willing to host your safari myself, if you’d like – or to be at the other end of the phone for you, 24/7.”

– Guy Ellis, CEO

Recognised as conservationists

Our CEO, Guy Ellis, is a proud ambassador for various conservation NGO’s and the sole founder and funder of the ground-breaking Leopard ID Project Southern Africa. Completely Unique Safaris also contributes a generous portion of every safari to a number of upliftment initiatives in Africa’s rural communities.

We’re simply lovers of travel and nature, who can see eye-to-eye, understand you and therefore provide you with the best in Africa. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s simply not good enough for our guests.


Called on globally for guidance

Completely Unique Safaris is known globally among elite travellers as the go-to team for discerning travelers requiring the best African travel advice, the most jaw dropping creativity, the finest logistical planning and the most perfect and private locations, accommodation and activities. Still, each experience and itinerary remains Completely Unique.

It’s time for no-limit-dreaming in Africa. For a high-end experience from the premium partner in a world that is completely unlike any you’ve explored before.

Famous for our hosting standards

A safari is not an inexpensive trip. It shouldn’t be. You cannot put a price on time and on an experience – it is an investment in oneself. You deserve to embark on a journey that will rival any you’ve heard about. To begin with, each Completely Unique Safari is hosted by a Personal Concierge whose only job is to ensure that your every wish is satisfied: whether it’s fine wine tasting at sunset or seeking (and finding!) an elusive leopard.

We provide service and access that a travel agent or tour operator simply can’t - delighting even jaded adventure-seekers with exquisitely crafted one-of-a-kind trips.

Renowned for bespoke safaris

Ours is a rare service for that rare individual, family or group, where our CEO gets to know you personally, so your African safari itinerary can be exclusively crafted. From adventures to animals; wine to photography; secrets to surprises, Completely Unique Safaris builds it all into your safari. We fulfil dreams you never knew you had.

We’re not a travel agent or tour operator, you’re not just a tourist. Expect and get utmost personal attention, at all times. You’ll not have to fit into a plan. We’ll make one for you.

Known for immersion in nature

A Completely Unique Safari is a voyage that cannot be had anywhere else, with anyone else, anywhere in the world. From the first moment you step off the plane into the warm African breeze, expect to be overwhelmed by this remarkable continent and enveloped in its mysteries, beauty, landscapes and legend.

We cultivate long-term relationships with our partner lodges, other suppliers and esteemed guests so that when you want something, we can get it. Whatever it is. You’ll not experience even one moment on safari that’s generic or ordinary.

Masters of exclusivity in travel

Exclusivity is one of the few things that the very wealthy cannot simply buy. Whatever the perfectly exclusive safari means to you, we’ll deliver it. We don’t give up. You want something that’s supposedly ‘unimaginable’? Consider it done.

You’ll safari like a billionaire – whether or not you are one, and that’s the special part. You’ll not encounter anything even vaguely resembling a package safari holiday.

For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.
For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.