Giving back

Leopard Identification Project

Completely Unique Safaris founded and sponsors The Leopard Identification Project Southern Africa, which aims to be the largest global database for leopard data of its kind – combining exceptional identification techniques with traditional tracking skills.

Education sponsorship

Completely Unique Safaris’  Education Sponsorship Programme helps vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned rural children in Africa to better their lives and those of others in their communities, via access to a quality education. The programme then aims to guide these children, once educated, back to their communities to provide professional services.

Emerging African artist support initiative

Completely Unique Safaris seeks to support emerging African artists with great potential and unique artworks using various mediums. Our method finds, mentors, supports and promotes these artists at the infancy stage of their careers. Through strategic partnerships in the art world, we aim to give African art a place on the international stage.

The Safari Seven

If one looks at the members of the Big 5, all of them are suffering badly and most are in real danger of total extinction. This is due to a variety of reasons including legal and illegal hunting over the years, and habitat loss. Regardless of your views as to why, this is not the issue. The issue is:

  • Lions are considered ‘vulnerable’ with less than 30,000 individuals left in the wild and we have lost nearly 90% of the population in the last 100 years.
  • Leopards are ‘near-threatened’ although their clandestine nature makes this assumption exactly that, an assumption. Thousands are hunted and killed each year and without an accurate population estimate, how can we assume to know their status. (That is why Completely Unique Safaris fully funds and houses The Leopard Identification Project).
  • Elephants are ‘vulnerable’ with tens of thousands still being killed each year for ivory and many culled due to lack of habitat.
  • Black and white rhino species are ‘critically endangered’ and on the brink of extinction. We all know the poaching statistics and there is a very real possibility that one or both species will disappear within our lifetime.
  • The value of buffalo has increased so substantially due to the fact that there are very few ‘disease free’ buffalo remaining.

Do we still want to associate these magnificent animals with a history of persecution and hunting? Perhaps it is time to adopt a new, fresh approach. Perhaps the ‘Safari Seven’ that represents conservation and which could include the wild dog and cheetah which are critically endangered with very few remaining or even the giraffe and hippo – each iconic animals in their own right! This will not be easy but if the tourism industry could be persuaded to utilize new terminology, with the power of social media and the buying power of the tourist, this could become common place within a generation or two. If children are educated in this from a young age, the phrase would roll off the tongue with ease and finally we can put the checkered history behind us and embark on a new conservation motivated path. As I write this today, on Freedom Day in South Africa, we must remember that we are only truly free when our wildlife is free and safe too.

Wildlife conservation

Completely Unique Safaris is an independent company that supports a variety of wildlife management, research and educational projects throughout Southern Africa. Conservation is our passion, bearing testament to our love for the region and its precious natural assets and motivating us to share this with global visitors.

A portion of each guest’s total safari tariff is assigned bi-annually to different conservation initiatives, while a percentage of proceeds is used in The Leopard ID Project. These projects deal with the needs of existing wildlife, search for solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training to local communities.

Sustainable eco-tourism

Our family, as well as all of our hosts and guides, is a group of conservationists, specialising in true conservation photography and authentic conservation safaris. In this, we see ourselves as the original VIP conservation safari hosts. Completely Unique Safaris is dedicated to protecting and conserving Africa’s bio-diversity, by ensuring that the land, and its flora and fauna, remains as untouched as possible. Our strategy is to seek and build partnerships in Africa based on that vision.

Wildlife data-gathering

Our teams of guides and ambassadors across Africa keep daily safari records, giving Completely Unique Safaris ownership of one of the most comprehensive and continually updated bases of wildlife conservation data on the continent.

For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.
For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.