As far back as 1959, Guy Ellis’ grandfather began his service business. Since then, every member of the family has found him/herself working in a family-owned, family-run company known for relationships, personal touches and quality.

The family is also a group of intrepid and selective travelers and, over the years, they’ve collectively visited almost every desirable destination on the globe.

Along the way, they became travel gurus to friends, family and acquaintances: suggesting destinations, accommodation, experiences and on-the-ground contacts.

After many years in search of the ‘perfect safari experiences’, they decided to formally tailor-make Completely Unique Safari experiences for discerning international and local travelers. Completely Unique Safaris is now the culmination of that expertise, matched with a passion for wildlife, conservation and photography.


Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of intelligent planning and execution.

There is always an answer to the question ‘why’. Why pay more for your safari? Why are certain trips less expensive? We believe it’s quite simple.

CUS only use the best, for you. The best, most conservation oriented and community involved lodges, together with the best team and guides. CUS believes that human dignity goes far beyond the minimum wage. CUS pays their artisans more. Furthermore, CUS pays their teammates more at the lodges they frequent by way of gratuities. Most rely on these gratuities to feed their entire families. Often, families of a lot more than four individuals. This results in their best effort now and in the future for you, our guests. Flight safety is not compromised. CUS only uses the safest aircraft with the best trained pilots.

In short, CUS doesn’t compete for price, they’d rather compete for quality, safety, as well as give their artisans, guides and lodge friends a better quality of life. CUS supports enduring changes of behavior that will ensure the sustainable health and wellbeing of local people and their economic, sociocultural and ecological environments. CUS aims to inspire people on their own personal transformative travel journeys.


  1. On your safari we insist on meeting and exceeding the same standards, with the same special touches and attention, that we’d insist on if we were travelling.
  2. We do all the thinking, surprising you with special details you will not anticipate.
  3. We want your journey to be a premium experience, incomparable to any other.
  4. While we are the ultimate safari connoisseurs, we’re only as good as our last safari. We constantly seek opportunities to beat our own special benchmarks.
  5. We run a hands-on, privately owned business in which every member of the Completely Unique Safaris team is involved in the delivery of our promise.
  6. We will do our best to do anything for you, as long as it is not illegal, dangerous or impossible.
For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.
For a tailored itinerary, please complete the form below and our CEO will contact you personally. All itinerary quotations are priced on application.